Radio Wave

A lovely day at Bhutan’s newest radio station–its sixth!–called Radio Wave, where I had the honor of helping to audition the first female DJ. The choice was clear among the five we had presented before us.

Also saw my friends at Business Bhutan (a special nod to Aby!) and got to walk around Thimphu, which is growing faster than a baby becomes a toddler becomes a school-aged child. Amazing and disturbing and wondrous, in its own weird way. Probably less wondrous as I sit here watching the Bhutan Broadcasting Service where there are myriad reports about the destruction of the environment, including a report from an extremely remote area where global warming is melting the glaciers at an alarming rate. And a naturalized Bhutanese discussing the growing mess of garbage and wrappers littering not just the towns but the countryside….And this is the country that’s banned plastic bags. Like the ban on cigarette smoking, that rule seems verry open to interpretation.

Anyway, Radio Wave goes on the air tomorrow because it’s considered an auspicious day; I hope to attend the religious ceremony consecrating the station tomorrow. (Welcome to Bhutan!)

The best thing I learned today was the phrase “Columbus syndrome.” Outsiders to Bhutan who are annoyed with newcomers to Bhutan, as if Bhutan is theirs. I called it something different in my book but have definitely experienced this.


One thought on “Radio Wave

  1. Emilin Lap says:

    It is so nice to read your updates 🙂

    Cheers from Utrecht

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