Auspicious Day

Today was an extremely auspicious day, but as with all things related to such matters in Bhutan, determining exactly why was a bit difficult. No matter. Something to do with the Bhutanese calendar. Radio Wave was consecrated this morning by a lama and a monk, and later I witnessed hundreds of faithful devoted people, especially elderly, circling the National Memorial Chorten on a spectacular blue- sky, fluffy cloud day. Many memories as I walked around the city.

Later, Ngawang and Kinzang of Kuzoo (after sharing a large pie at Druk Pizza) and I drove up to the world’s largest statue (purportedly) which is a golden Buddha, and then to a monastery. Further enhancing the auspiciousness of things.

And in between I talked to the news editor and CEO of Business Bhutan about how commercialism is encroaching on this Buddhist Kingdom.

All in all a great day. Pictures soon!

Three Good things:
*Running into Choeki and Ugen at the consecration and finding they are related to the managing director *Running around Thimphu
*How cool everyone at Business Bhutan is; it makes you think all offices and newsrooms actually could be great places.


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