The spiritual healer is back: Bhutan Times

Bet this lady could get an audience in the US who’d pay top dollar. Excuse the formatting; it’s a Bhutan Times thing.

The spiritual healer is back Contributed by Rajesh Rai
July 10, 2011:(Gelephu) If you don’t want to undergo a medical operation and want to avoid taking regular pills, it is to Anim Sangay Wangmo’s place where you should be going to seek treatment. A Buddhist tantric and spiritual healer, Anim Sangay Wangmo from Lingmethang, Mongar, has spiritual healing power which she claimed is a gift Guru Pema Jungney bestowed her in her dreams when spent five years in Mysore, India.
“The powers and the techniques is a gift. It is a concept based on water therapies and mantras that is spelled to every patient,” she said, adding that it is totally opposite to scientific medication in the hospital. According to this 38-year-old woman, medicines from the hospital can cure only the particular disease for which the patient is being referred for. But her concept and healing strategies are meant for the overall body – any disease a person might be infected with. “In my healing strategy, it is without operation. You don’t have to take regular medicines too,” she said. When asked about her treatment methodology, she said patient have to come empty stomach with five liters of lukewarm water and a cup with them early in the morning. “The medicine is then put in the water. I spell my mantras after that and let the patient drink the water. In five or ten minutes the patient will start to vomit,” she said. “After the vomit is checked, it is then found out what disease is the patients suffering from. The patient should subsequently follow the same method for almost three to five days, after which the patient will be alright.” Anim Sangay Wangmo said a patient regaining his/her health could be determined from the changes that will be apparent on the patient’s face. Talking to BT, she reiterates about her plans – what she wants to do before her death. She said her idea to make a halt in Gelephu was to treat as many people as she can. But despite the noble intention, not many people have turned up so far. And many people in Gelephu are oblivious about who she is. “I want to help people who are sick, not only in Bhutan, but everywhere on earth,” she added.
Anim Sangay Wangmo has been practicing these healing powers for the last 15 years. She told BT that her therapy and healing powers can treat diseases like tuberculosis and diabetes, and it also works on epilepsy and gastritis. Beside a spiritual healer, Anim Sangay Wangmo also loves to travel. While she studied Anim Gayshi in Mysore, she had been to places like Hongkong, Bangkok, Nepal, Singapore and Japan. She plans to visit Taiwan and China next. According to her, she ran from her house to Mysore when she was just 14 because of family problems. So far, more than 7,000 people have come to her seeking treatment. Her journey doesn’t end here. She wants to help people and is also in search of people who will voluntarily help her to construct a shedra in Bumthang. Anim Sangay Wangmo has been helping for the construction of a shedra and the installation of a Guru Pema Jungney’s statue in Bumthang.
Meanwhile, another shedra for anims (nuns) is under construction in Darjeeling for which she is investing around Nu 50 million. She expects that the cost will escalate to Nu 200 million once all the works are completed. “It is a big budget project. The works for the shedra will get completed in the next three to four years. But I have more works to do,” Anim Sangay Wangmo said, adding that she has contributors from India, America, Taiwan, and some small contributors from Bhutan too. According to her, the works for the statue had been completed. There are presently five gelongs and six anims at the shedra in Bumthang. Five more anims from Wamrong, Trashigang, is expected to join this group soon, mostly between the age of seven and 11. If thing goes as planned, she wishes to take the anims in future to her shedra in Darjeeling.


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