Travel to Bhutan with us: March, 2014

Travel to Bhutan with us: March, 2014

Champaca Journeys’ John Leupold is an experienced tour operator who has been co-leading trips to Bhutan with his ‘man-on-the-ground’ Dorji Khandup for years now.

I’m honored that they’ve asked me to partner with them on a “Radio Shangri-La tour of Bhutan.”

Want to join us? Click on the photo for more information, or write to me and I’ll send you the itinerary.

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Radio Shangri-La now out in #Korea

Radio Shangri-La now out in #Korea

Released today by Sui Books. I’m told the literal translation of the title is “Happy Radio.”

My publisher says the Koreans are as eager to learn about happiness as anyone. Of course, this book is about finding happiness within yourself, with a dollop of adventure. It’s also, mostly, about how media impacts our happiness…

This marks the country in which RSL has been released in addition to the US: Brazil, the Netherlands, New Zealand, India, China and Germany.

Thanks for your support!

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Happiness wordcloud by Dyer Rhoads

Happiness wordcloud by Dyer Rhoads

Created at the Aspen Institute