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“Just walk into that cloud:” Books and films about Bhutan

ImageI’m not eager to advance the clock, but I do hope when I’m a very old woman, Radio Shangri-la will still pique the interest of people curious about the birth of the information age in Bhutan.

Since we’ve got time for that: Here’s a new story on the website Popmatters that rounds up books and films about Bhutan–some of the usual suspects, and some that aren’t.  I’m honored to be included.

And of course you can find more in the bibliography of Radio Shangri-La, which I’ve got posted online.  Lots of self-published tomes on the “land of happiness” have appeared since my book came out two years ago.  A couple other books by established publishers, too.  Before recently, there wasn’t a huge body of work about the Kingdom–and much of it was very, very old.

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