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Travel to Bhutan with us: March, 2014

Travel to Bhutan with us: March, 2014

Champaca Journeys’ John Leupold is an experienced tour operator who has been co-leading trips to Bhutan with his ‘man-on-the-ground’ Dorji Khandup for years now.

I’m honored that they’ve asked me to partner with them on a “Radio Shangri-La tour of Bhutan.”

Want to join us? Click on the photo for more information, or write to me and I’ll send you the itinerary.

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(#Radio) Shangri-La meets (Geography of #Bliss:) the #video

Here’s an edited version of the Live Talks LA-sponsored conversation at Track 16 in Santa Monica, where Eric Weiner interviews me (as opposed to¬† a few weeks before when I interviewed him about his new book, Man Seeks God.)

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