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Finding peace in the noise: Urban Dharma in Science of Mind

It was when my swimming pool went out of commission for repairs for a few months, 5 years ago, that I realized my daily exercise was meditative as well as good for my physical body.  

Suddenly, I felt addled, and I went online in search of meditation podcasts.  I found Urban Dharma–a series of talks and meditations by Rev. Kusala Bhikshu at the International Buddhist Meditation Center.

Which happened to be located in Koreatown, just a few miles from where I live.  So, after devouring a dozen or so of the podcasts, I went to pay my respects.  

ImageAnd I’ve been going back ever since to talk to and study with Rev. Kusala.  He’s become a good friend, and I’ve seen him speak in a number of venues–often in churches, where he’s asked to explain Buddhism.  Often he punctuates his talks with his harmonica or ukulele.

So when Science of Mind magazine asked me to write about him, I was delighted to share a bit of this monk’s story.

The only trouble is…it’s not published online.  Email me if you’d like to see the article.

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Silence in the news: The joy of quiet with Pico Iyer and meditating MBAs on NPR

The world works in mysterious ways.

The video of a talk I had this spring at the Fowler with the amazing Pico Iyer (about his frequent retreats to a monastery to recalibrate, and the general topic of the Joy of Quiet) was posted yesterday…

…on the same day that this story I filed aired on Morning Edition about a professor at Claremont Graduate University who teaches MBA students about the joy (and importance) of quiet to success in their work lives.

It almost seems like quiet is in vogue! 😉  and yes, I get the irony that I’m telling you this via a medium that’s adding to the noise….

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Sheryl WuDunn on women, Pico Iyer on quiet, Karma and compassion in Beverly Hills

Couple events coming up:

Tonight, I have the honor of interviewing Pulitzer-prize winning writer Sheryl WuDunn about her book HALF THE SKY at the glorious Skirball.

On Monday, I’ll be speaking about Bhutan at All Saint’s Church in Beverly Hills as part of the “year of compassion” series-and my friend Karma Dem will be serving up fusion Bhutanese food.

And next Thursday, the celebrated writer Pico Iyer will be at UCLA’s Fowler Museum with me, discussing the joy of quiet and retreats.  (Maybe we’ll even have a moment of silence.)

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One Moment #Meditation

based on the philosophy in this book is actually five minutes, but it’s worth every second. (Thanks, Gada!)


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Spiritual classrooms in Bhutan, but no religion

A fascinating look at the subject by Kuensel. Teachers are divided. But the fact that one says she allows religious objects from all faiths in order to encourage tolerance…is an interesting development for Bhutan. The subject’s come up because of the practice of teaching meditation in class, as part of the government’s “education for Gross National Happiness” policies. Meditation was introduced to classrooms about a year ago; it’s seen as a way of setting children off on the right foot. The person who runs that program says in this story that introducing Buddhist altars into the class wasn’t intended to be part of the program.

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