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Google and the car wash invade Shangri-La


First, the news earlier this week that Bhutan has got its first automated LA-style car wash.  After all, there are close to 60-thousand vehicles in the country, so it only stands to reason their owners would want to keep them clean.

Now, word that Google’s cruising the streets to map the once-isolated country with its Street View technology.  (Once complete, you’ll find them here.) This may sound like a big ho-hum, unless you consider that until not very long ago, there weren’t even street addresses in the capital city, much less widely-available maps. (Not to mention that visitors are still a relatively new phenomenon.)

ImageIn fact, just a few years back, it was a big deal when Canadian cartographer Andrea Williams volunteered to make a map of the capital city, Thimphu.  And just a few years before that, of course, it was a big deal that Bhutan got a radio station–which enabled the growing number of vehicles to have live, local accompaniment to their rides.


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