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Giving (anonymously)

IMG_4516Maybe it sounds weird to some people, particularly this time of year, but I love to give things to people I don’t know, or who don’t know I’ve made a gift.  Maybe that’s why I love our cooking group at the Downtown Women’s Center: Each month, we make a meal for a group of women we never get to see, but we know they need it, appreciate it, and that it’s delicious.

That’s why I went to the USPS facility on Central Avenue the other day and chose a few “North Pole letters” to fulfill.  I don’t know these kids, but can you imagine how cool it is to get something in the mail from someone who may or may not be….Santa? Most of these letters aren’t written from zip codes where good news is necessarily proliferating: If a kid asks for clothing, it’s a pretty good bet he needs it.

In that spirit, I’m sharing this video about someone who lives in our building here on Bunker Hill, Kayce.  She’s a beautiful young woman, in her twenties, who happens to use a motorized wheelchair due to a disease that’s wracking her spine.  I met her in the elevator a few months ago when she got on with about 10 women around my age.  “My moms,” she said.

Kayce and the cupcakes, donated by Big Sugar bakery

Kayce and the cupcakes, donated by Big Sugar bakery

We held a fundraiser for her last week here on Bunker Hill to rally the neighbors, many of whom have dogs they illegally claim to be service dogs, to see if we could help her out. See, Kayce needs a trained, legitimate service dog to help her gain independence.  She happens to have a handsome fiance, but who wants or needs someone with them 24-7 to do what many of us consider basic tasks? (And a local bakery even donated the cupcakes we served, just because we asked.  Nice!)

If you’d be inclined to help Kayce get this dog after watching this video a friend of hers made 

I’d be grateful. (This is the link at which to do so.) And you, too, can learn (if you don’t already) about the joys of giving in this selfless way.

Merry winter holiday (aka Christmas, Hanukah, New Year, etc) to you!

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