Roundup: A unique student service project, the prime minister, language in peril, and NH refugee legislation

11046395_790635534364410_7360007207253164251_oA group of 35 Canadian students has landed in Bhutan for a service project (building a classroom) at Phajoding monastery, high above the town of Thimphu.  Global Perspectives is a unique humanitarian organization based at a school in Richmond, Canada.  They’ve been in touch with me for years and it’s been fun to watch them plan this trip.  Follow them on Facebook or Twitter: @global_canada

And they arrived just in time to witness Bhutan’s second win over Sri Lanka in the World Cup qualifying.

The Prime Minister of Bhutan is in the United States and last night appeared on the Charlie Rose Show on PBS.

An excellent documentary on dying Himalayan languages, specifically in Bhutan, aired on the BBC World Service.

Today, the New Hampshire Senate votes on a resolution to acknowledge the contributions of Bhutanese refugees to the state, and to ask for the resolution of the ongoing crisis.  You can read the text of the bill here.

Three films from and about Bhutan will be screened at the Environmental Film Festival in Washington DC in April.

Lastly, I’m proud to continue my volunteer work with the Bhutan News Service, a news service created by refugees in diaspora.  Recently, they incorporated as a nonprofit so they could ratchet up their work.

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