Connecting, touch, radiation, and the digital age: OMmmmmm

ImageRecently two very different websites have landed in my in-box which I’d like to share.  And, I’d love to hear your take on each of them.

One is a website/book about the impact of technology on our wellness–not just on our attention, or the dangers of texting and driving (d’oh) but about the physical impact of the rays.  A wireless wake-up call, the authors call it.

If you’ve ever looked at a pregnant woman and thought, “Umm, maybe that cell phone isn’t a great idea,” or wondered about what that iPad on your lap might be doing to your insides, or, to your kid, read this website from Canada called Safer Tech Solutions.

The other item involves a different kind of turning on, and raises different concerns (at least to me)–in this case about intimacy in the digital age.

It’s a modern version of the concept Erica Jong famously put forth in her soon to be re-released classic, Fear of Flying.  It’s called OM.  No, it’s not a chant you recite during yoga.  It’s a female empowerment exercise, involving a fully-clothed man, a “nest,” and touch.  Read more about this commodification of something wonderful here.

As a former business reporter, hats off to the folks who have created what’s in essence a multi-level marketing scheme around the basic human need for physical touch.  As a woman, I’m concerned that experimentation and female sexuality has been reduced to this.

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One thought on “Connecting, touch, radiation, and the digital age: OMmmmmm

  1. very interesting! Guess which website I checked out first 😉


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