Elections announced in Bhutan

The Bhutan News Service and other sources are reporting that a date has been chosen for Bhutan’s second-ever elections.

“King Jigme Khesar Wangchuck issued a royal decree on March 9, which announced that the National Council (NC) elections would be held on April 23rd.

The current Council, which has both legislative and review functions and is also referred to as the house of review with 25 members including five direct appointees of the king, is expiring on April 28.

The decree said the first National Council completes its term in office on 28th of April 2013.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission (EC) announced that some 850 polling stations will be set up across the country and to be facilitated by some 4,651 election officials.

The EC said that about 387,733 eligible voters are expected to cast their votes on the poll day. Of this, 192,076 are females.

The EC has defined an age limit of 18 years as of January 1 this year for citizens to be eligible voters.

The results of the elections will be announced on April 24.

 From the last election cycle, in 2007

From the last election cycle, in 2007

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2 thoughts on “Elections announced in Bhutan

  1. Sue says:

    I’m interested in learning more about the April elections can you suggest some sources?
    Thanks, Sue

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