Silence in the news: The joy of quiet with Pico Iyer and meditating MBAs on NPR

The world works in mysterious ways.

The video of a talk I had this spring at the Fowler with the amazing Pico Iyer (about his frequent retreats to a monastery to recalibrate, and the general topic of the Joy of Quiet) was posted yesterday…

…on the same day that this story I filed aired on Morning Edition about a professor at Claremont Graduate University who teaches MBA students about the joy (and importance) of quiet to success in their work lives.

It almost seems like quiet is in vogue! 😉  and yes, I get the irony that I’m telling you this via a medium that’s adding to the noise….

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One thought on “Silence in the news: The joy of quiet with Pico Iyer and meditating MBAs on NPR

  1. Harlan L. Meyer says:

    Your book is interesting and well done but you send the wrong message on page 131. “Love was supposed to last forever”. I’m an 89 year old widowoer of over 5 years. My wife and I were married for 60 years, we had 6 kids, they all married and we now have 11 healthy grandchildren. I still love my wife. 5 of the children have had only one wife and 4 of them have been married over 25 years. No VD..Love forever is not a fairy tail. Those who do not love forever were in need of a diferent message and need to search more and practice a better life style. Sincerely Harlan L. Meyer, 1247 School Lane, Nashville, TN 37217. (I was over 2 years iIn India, have been in Darjeeling and seen Mt. Everest)

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