What’s up with this blog about Bhutan and happiness?

Dear friends:

Forgive me: I’ve been blogging here far less lately and Tweeting/Facebooking far more about Bhutan and happiness.

Part of that has to do with my fun part-time work covering arts, etc at KCRW which requires me to blog (and too much blogging is draining for the soul), and part of it is a new book I’m working on, but none of it is disinterest in the subject of the Kingdom, which is changing rapidly each day (especially as the nation marches into the next election cycle, copes with rapid modernization, and as refugees take hold in communities around the US in remarkable and interesting ways.)

Radio Shangri-La will be published this fall in Germany, Israel and Sweden.  I’m still committed to the READ Bhutan effort to build libraries there, and hear from readers/tourists every week about their interest in the place (lots of people want to go for free as volunteers, so I spend way too much time explaining why that’s still difficult to do.)

I’ve also been working with a tour operator to create a Shangri-La tour and a noted fashion designer is soon going to devote a percentage of profits to our library efforts.

Please keep up with me… @lisanapoli, on Facebook (I happily friend everyone) and write to me at lisa@lisanapoli.com

I’ll keep trying to post relevant information here when possible.

As they say in Bhutan, tashi delek and kaden shay!



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