First cigarettes and plastic bags; now, cars are banned in Bhutan–on Tuesdays

The government of Bhutan says it means business.  Four years after imposing a Pedestrian Day that’s never managed to be enforced, now, Tuesdays will be decreed “Pedestrian Day.”

Presumably this will be a bit simpler to enforce than it has been to ban sales of cigarettes and use of plastic bags.

Clearly, Bhutan’s combating the huge swell in traffic since loans made the purchase of cars a bit easier for a wider number of people, swelling the volume of cars to gridlock proportions.  (Not quite like LA’s gridlock, thank goodness.  Density is relative.)

If only we could pull this off in LA (talk of making a zone dedicated on Sundays to pedestrians and bikes is underway, however.  Heck, if they can do it in Colombia….)
BHUTAN NEWS SERVICE It’s time for all to walk
Posted: 02 Jun 2012 12:48 PM PDT
Finally, the Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley’s government has decided to ban public and private motors on every Tuesday to celebrate the day as Pedestrians’ Day across the country.

Schoolgirls walking home from school in the town of Paro (Picture Courtesy: Getty Images)

The Prime Minister issued an executive order on June 1 to observe the Pedestrians’ Day from June 5 onwards.

Except service vehicles like ambulance, fire brigades, and vehicles of security forces will be allowed on Tuesdays, according to the order.

Furthermore, public buses and taxis will be plying once a month based on odd and even number plates. Bicycles are always allowed, the order mentioned.

The Ministry of Agriculture had proposed this plan some four years ago with an aim of promoting “no vehicle day” at least once a week.

A number of organizations have already assured the Prime Minister of their supports in implementing the move.


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