Momos in #Topanga (and a discount, too): Dorji and the #Bhutan Shop

Anyone who drives through Topanga Canyon invariably alerts me to the presence of the Bhutan Shop there.  To which I say, go in next time and talk to Dorji.  He’s the proprietor, and the story of how he came to the US to purvey all things Bhutanese…well, it could be a book.  Or at least a short story.  Same deal with how he met his wife and brought her over here.

I just got this mail (below) from Dorji and am passing it along to you.  He probably won’t mail order the momos, but he’ll likely find a way to ship you just about anything else.

Note: Ugyen is his wife, and if for some reason you need Bhutanese catering in the LA area, I’ll be happy to connect you, too, to my good friend Karma.  (How can you resist a meal made by someone with that name?)
Hello my friends,
                  Ugyen’s “MOMOS” or dumpling sale was very successful with everyone who came last two Sundays to taste it. So we have decided to continue selling her momos every Sundays from now onwards. This sunday’s menu is only vegeteran momo on the occasion of Earth’s day, plus  one order is  free and if you like buy second one with regular price. We will take order your choice of momos and sauces to be prepared for you with qualified orders from next week onwards.  Please, spread the good words for us and as well let your friends and family know about us. We will appreciate all your help.
Thank you.
Have a wonderful time always.
Bhutan Shop
Visit Bhutan Shop and get 20% off of select items, only this sunday with this coupon or mention about it.

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