Paperback Shangri-La

The promotion begins!  I am grateful.

The travel site World Hum is featuring the book (and an interview with me) on its  cover, and Jim Benning’s thoughtful questions get at the heart of what Radio Shangri-La is and isn’t about.

I was honored to be part of a discussion earlier this week about Gross National Happiness and alternate indicators to GDP on my esteemed KCRW colleague Warren Olney’s show, To the Point.

And the travel site Longitude wrote a lovely review.

As previously mentioned, the book is now on sale at Target, as well as traditional booksellers, where it has been chosen as an “emerging author pick.”

I appreciate the support, too, of friends who are helping to spread the word.  I’d love to get this book into the hands of as many people as possible–not because I’ll ever make another dime off it, but because I think the messages are important.  (Including the story of the Bhutanese refugees, which is under-reported in the mainstream media.)

Bhutan presents many paradoxes and is a beautiful, complicated place that sums up so many of the challenges our world is grappling with right now.  I’m honored to have experienced what I have.

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