Drop Dead Diva goes to Bhutan : Count the errors!

A casting call for actors in an episode that involves the Kingdom.  If you know anything about Bhutan, you’ll know this isn’t a realistic plot line:

DROP DEAD DIVA, #405, “Happily Ever After” (2 Roles)
Sony / Lifetime
1 Hour Series
Draft: March 12, 2012
Exec. Producers: Josh Berman, Alex Taub, Neil Meron, Craig Zadan
Writers: Amy Engelberg & Wendy Engelberg
Director: Tim Matheson
Casting Directors: Carol Kritzer, Suzanne Bachman
Location: Peachtree City, GA
Shoot Dates: o/a 4/9 – 4/18

[LEELA PENJORE] Early 20s, Bhutanese (please also submit Eastern Indian). Beautiful, exotic, and sweet. Leela is the fiancee of Prince Sanjay of the Bhutanese Royal family — a man twice her age, whom she does not love. Forced into a marriage that makes her miserable, she’s in Los Angeles with the Prince on a diplomatic trip, and attracts Jane’s attention when she’s found weeping in the ladies room of a restaurant. After convincing Jane that her civil rights are being violated by this hateful marriage, she becomes Jane’s client, but winds up tried for sedition against the kingdom of Bhutan…GUEST STAR (2)

[JED AMERIAN] 30s to 40s, Any Ethnicity. A patriot who is imposing and firm in his beliefs, but not a jerk. He represents the State Department and wants to keep the government of Bhutan both happy and pro-America. Though he admires her convictions, he believes that Jane’s attempt to prevent Leela’s marriage to Prince Sanjay will have disastrous global ramifications. He’s determined to oppose her legal actions, and becomes her and Leela’s high-powered nemesis, in and out of court…GUEST STAR (13)

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3 thoughts on “Drop Dead Diva goes to Bhutan : Count the errors!

  1. Deborah says:

    Too bad. I like the show, but they couldn’t have gotten it more wrong!

  2. josna says:

    I agree–I am extremely disappointed in this episode, especially since I had quite liked the show until now.

  3. Lily says:

    I’m glad someone else posted about this! I’m watching the episode, and after following the beautiful real life marriage to the current Bhutanese King and Queen and getting familiar with their distinct culture, I actually feel offended watching this lazy guesstimate.

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