Bhutan News Service: Upcoming documentaries on the #refugee situation

Bhutan News Service is reporting the following, which will be of note to those interested in the refugee situation:

At least four movies, including two documentaries, based the Bhutanese refugees are on the pipeline for releasing within this year.

The Organization of Bhutanese Community in America (OBCA) is reportedly releasing Suruwat in a couple of months. Being planned to start screening from the United States of America, this is the first movie produced by the resettled Bhutanese.

Similarly, two documentaries on the pipeline for this year are Forgotten Exiles From Bhutan by a Dutch NGO Empowerment Foundation, and the Bel City by a British Charity, Home Where There Is Heart (HWH), both in collaboration with the Bhutan Media Society.

Promoted under the banner of Headwind Film, the Forgotten Refugee has highlighted resettlement of exiled Bhutanese in the Netherlands with a clear focus on the camp life, according to its Director Alice Verheij. A fiction book ‘Headwind’ will also be released along with the film.

While, the Bel City intends to inform the westerners about crux of the Bhutanese refugee problem and day-to-day life from the refugee camps, informed Justin Ash of the HWH.

Trailers of both the documentary films have already been released, while the production teams are currently engaged in fund raising for accomplishing the projects, which have investments mostly from individuals involved.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that production stage of a Christian movie, Pabitra Bandhan, has almost come to an end.

Directed by exiled artist Kedar Upreti (U.K.), who has already played various roles in over a dozen of movies, the film is based on cultural marriage under practice among the Christian communities in Nepal and refugee camps.

“We are currently working with two songs used in the film,” Director Upreti told Bhutan News Service. “We are done with the rest.”

Produced in the banner of Bhutanese Christian Connection, the film will have an overall investment of Rs 1 million, according to its Producer Balidan Ghimire.

“Though our market is limited, we are hopeful of making some profits as artists from both the refugee and host community have invested in the film,” said Producer Ghimire.

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