Rupee crisis and Bhutan

I couldn’t find a comprehensive write-through on the emerging financial crisis in Bhutan, so I did a little round-up myself on Forbes. Seemed too important a story (especially with people storming a bank the other day) not to at least try to lasso up the issues–although it could take a phD and a lot more time to watch this all evolve to suitably parse out all the issues.

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One thought on “Rupee crisis and Bhutan

  1. richard scott says:

    Thanks for posting this as well as commentaries on the Nepalese Bhutanese. the first shows how the rapid rush to the city and to facebook generation has a world wide problem in borrowing versus production. The second opens up what was a taboo subject and may help resolve this major issue. We live in a world where ethnic, national, and tribal roots play a huge role in how we get along, or don”t. Even in Shangri La people have clay feet

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