“Media should treat people as citizens and not as consumers.”

So says Bhutan’s information and communications secretary Dasho Kinley Dorji in this Kuensel article about the struggle to define what can and should be advertised in Bhutan’s growing media.

The GNH guidelines say substances that are “unhealthy”and might affect the well-being of citizens cannot be promoted or advertised, and the Business Bhutan CEO said limiting “junk food” ads would be limiting.

Who decides what junk food is…and what ads should contain….is being worked out now.

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2 thoughts on ““Media should treat people as citizens and not as consumers.”

  1. Sonam says:

    This is another strategy of our government to control our delicate and fragile public media. We don’t have huge percent of readers who would be our assets in generating revenue to remain alive in coming days. The only means for survival for these delicate media is advertising company, but if government keep us controlling on a minor aspect of what is allowed to advertised and what not, then how could our media sustain in long run?

    So, Kinley Dorji need to be practical if he want to see the success of our public media.


  2. TWB says:

    Wow — what knotty issues to untie. I suspect the answers won’t come easily, if at all. Still, I so admire the Bhutanese citizens’ willingness to engage in and struggle with this level of discussion about media and its rightful role in society — Americans lost the debate long ago…

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