The happiness manifesto

As composed by wise teens in a Socrates Weekend at the Aspen Institute: keep for future refresher when needed:

Happiness Manifesto

-don’t take things for granted

-be grateful

-understand the lens/perspective of your situation

-be generous

-focus on what makes you happy

-have goals that are optimistic but attainable

-don’t hold grudges

-learn from mistakes

-have an open mind

-find a passion

-focus on the positive

-get an education

-enjoy the little things

-be pragmatic

-create balance in your life

-love yourself

-make practical sacrifices

-find contentment/satisfaction

-value experiences over possessions

-practice tolerance, persistence, and dedication

-surround yourself with supportive people

-don’t let things bother you

-have an outlet

-make the most of your opportunities

-take ownership, be accountable




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One thought on “The happiness manifesto

  1. Veg says:

    The teens should put an actual little story with each bit of great advice and publish it as a practical self-help book for all ages.

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