Globalization-watch: #Bhutan (allegedly) goes bonkers for Bonkers bags

One of the reasons the King was reluctant to allow in tourists: They bring stuff with them that they leave behind…  Read this story behind the bags imported by well-intentioned visitors from the UK.

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One thought on “Globalization-watch: #Bhutan (allegedly) goes bonkers for Bonkers bags

  1. Andrea says:

    Okay… here’s what I think happened. This lady Claire has a friend who writes for this small regional Scottish newspaper. The friend saw Claire’s holiday snaps and noticed the familiar yellow bag. The story about taking gifts over in these bags came out. The writer thought it was amusing and decided to try to make a story out of it, thus blowing it out of proportion.

    The way Claire is leaning in to try to interact with the monks like they’re creatures at a petting zoo is kind of off-putting. Seems pretty disrespectful to me. What do you think?

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