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A Drought Called Rupee

Tshering Dorji

Bhutan had no choice but to sell USD 200 million– comprising 14 percent of the GDP – from its foreign currency reserves to liquidate the rupee debt and straighten the economy, according to the Royal

Monetary Authority (RMA).The central bank said it was the “only option” to repay about Rs. 8.00 billion in rupee debt to the State Bank of India (SBI) and the borrowings for the construction

of hydropower projects. With this measure, the RMA could maintain exchange rate parity with India although it was only a short term measure to provide an immediate solution to the rupee crunch.

Youth and Age:The Pains of Growth

GROWING UP is never easy for anyone, anywhere, with its cocktail of rage, confusion, radicalism and general restlessness. Aside from school, there are many tests to pass on the way to becoming an adult.

The German philosopher Goethe wrote “If youth is a disease,it is soon cured by age.” If that’s the case, then you could argue that if old age is a condition, it is soon cured by death.But both miss the point. The fact is, age is the high price we

Bumthaps ask authorities to investigate power black-out

Sonam Dekey

Taking the matter of abysmal power supply in their own hands, the people of Bumthang have asked the authorities to quickly investigate and find a solution.A letter to this effect has been written to the managing director of Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC), Dasho Bharat Tamang, by the members of Bumthang’s Hotel Association.Copies of the letter were sent to the Prime Minister, Bumthang’s MPs – Lyonpo Pema Gyamstho and Karma Wangchuk – the chairman of BPC, Dasho Chhewang Rinzin, and Bumthang dzongda Sangay Thinley.The letter says that despite repeated requests to the local government

Insights and Diversions

Roger Beaumont

Beauty can get away with anything because beauty never ceases to enchant.It’s hard to argue with because it keeps getting in the way of the argument. We assume that whoever is beautiful will also be intelligent,

interesting or even good. It is a mistake that is made in every bar in every city on the planet and it’s happening right now. It is an

Youth: why violence?

Tshering Wangchen

YOUTH AND violence have become synonymous in Thimphu.Recent cases like the assault of a school caretaker and even cops on duty have given rise to certain questions which need to be faced and soon.

Violence is the act of purposefully perpetuating hurt on someone. What causes it? Is it lack of parental guidance or

and much more …

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