#Bhutan: A country overrun (by #dogs)

The Humane Society is there doing its bit to help…. (Thanks to Lisa T for sending this along.)


One thought on “#Bhutan: A country overrun (by #dogs)

  1. barbara davilman says:

    Don’t need to go to Bhutan to see a place overrun by dogs. Check out Riverside county right here in the Golden State. Riverside county doesn’t have any mandatory spay and neuter laws on the books except for Pits. God forbid they tell anyone how to treat their dog. They’d rather spend millions of dollars euthanizing young, healthy dogs in their Devore shelter then demand people be responsible for their pet. By the way, since a big scandal hit the news a couple of years ago the Board of Supervisors have determined that it’s too ‘risky’ to have volunteers work at the shelter. They now use convicted criminals from the nearby prison to help fill in their anemic work force. There’s no zero oversight to make sure that they’re putting the animals down, humanely.

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