Lifestyle diseases in #Bhutan….

….stemming in part from unhealthy diet, due to…. modernization.

I read this while watching live pictures from Thimphu on the BBS as the King and his new Queen return to the capital….. Oh how I long to know what she is thinking!


One thought on “Lifestyle diseases in #Bhutan….

  1. richard scott says:

    Thanks for the blog. You have become an awesome Bhutanophile.
    I called to comment on your message while you were being interviewed on an NPR talk show last year. My family and I have made numerous visits since 1994 where I worked with Orthopedics Overseas. Living in far different situation in the guest house above the hospital, I took a trail past poor Indian workers hovels without water or latrine. Descending to the hospital grounds I walked past the surgical gowns handing to dry from the line and the small hut with the large caldron used to make the soup for the patients. I am sure it consisted mostly of lentils. Even then nutrition was a problem,
    There is an article about forestry in Bhutan in the Yale alumni monthly within the past year. To maintain arable land the Bhutanese are trying hard to keep the forest intact.

    Richard Scott

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