#Refugee resettlement scam

News today from the Bhutan News Service of a scam artist (below) charging Nepali youth huge sums to qualify for resettlement in the US and other countries as “Bhutanese refugees.”

Woman involved in conning Nepalis for sending for resettlement arrestedPosted: 21 Aug 2011 04:40 AM PDT

Following a tip-off, Damak police arrested a local woman involved in conning Nepali youths with promises of sending them to the western countries by registering them as “Bhutanese refugees”.

Ajita Paudel (Picture courtesy :Purbelitime.com)

Police named the alleged cheater as Atija Paudel, a local woman of Damak-13, who already earned a lot of money by conning some 15 Nepali youths in the name of third country resettlement of the Bhutanese refugees.

“The investigation has revealed she was able to lure at least 15 youths making them pay up to Rs 1.5 million from each individual,” a local reported quoted Police Inspector Nabin Karki as saying to local media, Sunday.

Meanwhile, the accused woman expressed surprise over why she was arrested stating she has clearly told those youths that their money would be refunded incase she failed to resettle them.

According to Paudel, she even lodged those youths in a hotel for a month to teach them the basic “interview techniques” applied by the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees and International Organization for Migration.

“A number of agents are active in the business that I am involved with,” Paudel told reporters, confessing the fraud. However, she refused to elaborate it.

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One thought on “#Refugee resettlement scam

  1. Ganesh422 says:

    1.5 Million! is that in Rupees?

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