#Bhutanese #Refugees and #Arizona Public Media

I had the pleasure yesterday of visiting with Laxmi Upreti and his family yesterday here in Tucson. This is a story about the refugee situation, and a tiny bit about Bhutanese refugees in Arizona:http://ondemand.azpm.org/ondemand-home/story/2011/2/15/1856-new-land-new-lives/

I also talked with the people at Arizona Public Media:
http://ondemand.azpm.org/videoshorts/watch/2011/7/27/1830-from-radio-shangri-la-to-refugee-aid/refugees in tucson 617x347

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2 thoughts on “#Bhutanese #Refugees and #Arizona Public Media

  1. Dear Lisa,

    The interview is great. However, you said Nepal denied observing refugees instead of India. Can you listen at what you said once. I hope you will correct this.


    Vidhyapati Mishra

  2. videopfri kunthauker says:

    Perhaps you should keep a civil tongue in your head. You are poorly informed and ignorant!

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