Oceanside Public Library

The Oceanside Public Library is a lovely space with a beautiful courtyard right in the heart of the downtown shopping district of Oceanside, a short walk from the beach and packed right up until closing time. What a wonderful community to welcome me in to their book club. (Thanks, CJ DiMento!)

There’s much debate among publishers and authors alike over whether this running around, from library to bookstore to book club, really is worth the time. Modern conventional wisdom is: isn’t it better to broadcast out, say, on FB or Twitter or such? Especially if you aren’t a TV star or other notable with a ‘platform.’

I can say unequivocally that it is important, especially for a first-time author, and even if it doesn’t “scale” on the face of it. I feel like each place I go I get to meet interesting, interested people, who are eager to learn, to read, and to ask challenging questions. It’s wonderful. It’s exhausting, sometimes, too, but I’m sure it’s worth every stop.

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One thought on “Oceanside Public Library

  1. Stephanie Cannon says:

    We loved hearing from you and listening to your wonderful tales of writing your book, and life in Bhutan. Thank you for answering all of our questions and enlightening us about this fascinating country and culture. Like Buddha, perhaps the former King sat under the Bodi Tree (sp?) receiving inspiration which took his kindom into new directions. Oceanside Library is a special place, and you made it even more special sharing yourself with us.

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