For some kids, a book is a luxury. Help us build a library in Bhutan.

This week we had a dear visitor here in LA from Mongar, Bhutan, and it renewed my resolve to help raise money to build a library in that beautiful part of the country. Look at these gorgeous kids I met there this fall:

They live in spectacular natural splendor that foreigners spend thousands of dollars to visit, but they don’t have access to much–particularly in the way of educational materials. Pencils are hard to come by, much less books.

We’ve identified an empty building in Mongar town that can be home to a library and community center. The nonprofit group READGlobal will help build out the interior, stock the shelves and train local people to run it and sustain it…if we can just raise a significant portion of the start-up funds.

Help, please? Even $25 makes a difference, and right now an anonymous donor is matching whatever you give, dollar for dollar. This link takes you to our online fund drive page. Or you can send a check directly to READGlobal in San Francisco: PO Box 29286 San Francisco, CA 94129

And here’s a story I did for The World about the first READ library in Bhutan, only the second lending library in the entire country!

Stay tuned for a different message on how you bring books to Bhutan if you’re taking a trip there. And feel free to forward this one, please.

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