Youth problems in Bhutan

This story in Kuensel today sums up what appears to be a growing problem:

Youth admitted comatose to emergency room

Drug Overdose 21 June, 2011 – It was probably the first time medical practitioners at the emergency room of the Thimphu referral hospital came across an unidentified youth overdosed on psychotropic substances.

Around 4am yesterday, an 18-year-old youth was brought into the room unconscious by two young men presumed to be his friends.

They registered him as Tenzin and left the emergency room immediately.

That was the only information the hospital had retained.

By dawn that day, the medical staff at the forensic department were left puzzled as to who the young man with a colourful dragon tattoo on his left arm, and the profane four-letter word spelt out on each finger of his right hand, was.

The youth was still lying unconscious on the hospital bed seven hours after being admitted at the intensive care unit.

The young man, doctors said, was facing respiratory problems, which is said to be the main problem in such a case.

They said he had even experienced a cardiac arrest after being admitted to the hospital.

“Experiencing a cardiac arrest once indicates higher chances of experiencing another later,” a doctor at the unit said.

The man’s urine test revealed he was under the influence of benzodiazepine, a drug commonly used to treat anxiety, mania, depression and insomnia, besides signs of having taken marijuana.

The hospital staff later identified the patient and found out that one of his parents was in Trashiyangtse and the other in Canada.

They also found out that the two friends, who dropped him at the emergency room, had provided false details of the patient in the register.

Police are investigating the case.

This is the second reported drug case for June 2011.

About seven overdose cases were recorded in 2008, nine in 2009, and five in 2010. At the beginning of this year, a woman had died of a suspected drug overdose.

By Dechen Yangzom


One thought on “Youth problems in Bhutan

  1. dianamedina1 says:

    wow!! im sad to hear that cause those engineered drugs almost killed me too, i didnt know how far thay have come to hunt us instead of helping

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