Traditional @Tibetan @Buddhist Energy Healing and @Yoga @Massage

Saw my Bhutanese friend Lama Jigme Tenzing today at a picnic for a visiting Bhutanese dignitary; if you’re in the LA area and this is your thing, check out his services:

“In Buddhism it is said:

Until ignorance and craving are removed from the mind-stream,
no matter how healthy we may think we are, we are still ill.
This primordial affliction of contracted awareness is capable of being cured
only through the supreme elixir of spiritual practice.

This Healing is based on restoring the balance between body, speech and mind and removing the impediments to recognizing that balance.

This Medicine Buddha Healing treatment with the combination of Yoga Massage has the power to cure our physical and mental problems or whatever treatable disease we may have. Even if you have no physical or mental problems, just by receiving this healing method regularly it is said that it has the ability to extend one’s life, bring peace to the mind and guidance toward success in areas of one’s life that are difficult.

A physical problem is any kind of disease or pain in our body.

A mental problem is any kind of energy origination from the mind, or emotions such as anger, worry or fear that cause stress. It also has the power to remove obstacles that prevent you from fulfilling your happiness.

Yoga massage can remove energy blockages in the subtle body/charkas to release tensions and accumulated toxins. Circular stroke is said to charge the body with healing energy. Massage is used to treat a variety of stress-related disorders as well as neuralgia, and pinched nerves.

According to Tibetan Buddhism, before you heal others by this Method, it is mandatory to receive the transmission from a qualified and realized master; and then train yourself well. I received the full transmission from my master, Kalu Rinpoche and trained in this practice during my three year, three month, retreat under the guidance of H.E. Kalu Rinpoche and my other retreat masters.

Afterwards, I worked with these healing methods in Asia, as well as Europe and South America. It truly benefited the people who received this healing treatment from me.”

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