Kuzoo FM resignations

Although this story in the Bhutan Observer doesn’t explain a thing about why…

A family in Dorokha, Samtse, listening to Kuzoo


“Kuzoo FM’s strong association with Bhutan’s historical figures has lately suffered a dent. After resignation of seven of its staff members two weeks ago, its Dzongkha programmes are left without many of the RJs with historical pseudonyms. Dzongpon Aucho Tshering is left without his sweet heart, Penzo Bum, and Gensa Lham is left without her lover, Alu Penjo.

Alu Penjo, Pemi Tshewang Tashi and his beloved wife Phurchu Zam, Gyelong Sumdar Tashi and his ill-fated wife Nidup Bum, and Penzo Bum resigned on June 1. Some volunteers have taken their place, but they don’t use the historical names on air.

Kuzoo listeners say new voices with real names leave them half-entertained. They say the mystical sense evoked by historical pairs has gone.

Most listeners, however, are yet to learn what happened to their favourite RJs. They constantly enquire where their favourite hosts have disappeared. Phub Gyeltshen, whose on-air name is Dzongpon Aucho Tshering, said listeners ask on air why other RJs have disappeared from the shows.”


One thought on “Kuzoo FM resignations

  1. pema lhamo says:

    Change is always there, some people change on their own … but some change the people ….

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