If it’s Memorial Day, can’t help but think about the Coca-Cola 600 and NASCAR

This has nothing to do with Bhutan, happiness, happiness economics, etc, but on Memorial Day, I can’t help but think about my long-ago fascination with NASCAR that yielded this:

, a half-hour documentary that aired on public TV in the south

(I’m so out of it I didn’t realize Toyota had entered the once fiercely all-American field…..)

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3 thoughts on “If it’s Memorial Day, can’t help but think about the Coca-Cola 600 and NASCAR

  1. none says:

    I am so annoyed by the fascination with “so called sport” of racing . I would ratrher call it gathering of sheep to observe the cars go round and round about all those ad boards.. round and round, being hypnotized by the circular motion and the exhaust fumes.. How did I get here? An add on facebook that promised something unrelated to history of ignorant humans who like to sniff benzene and carbon monoxide. You can take it personally!

    • Though I hate when people are critical and aren’t bold enough to provide a real email address to support their words, I found these comments so amusing I had to approve them, because they are so off the mark and filled with inaccurate presumptions. Ahh, the Web!

  2. none says:

    I would not call myself enlightened, but I wouldn’t call the writer of this book the same as well. What I see is a rich girl who has rich parents (perhaps the owners of the NASCAR or Coke corp – because otherwise, no person who understands the 3rd world countries follows such an ignorant, deadly, and polution promoting sport as car racing. Is this a “thank you daddy” no-fee advertisement for coke/nascar? What is this supposed to represent??

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