The latest from Guru Singh

When you are young and bright and aiming your entire life toward hopes and dreams
with all the possible power, there are few thoughts that this will ever change.
There are also very few thoughts that the illusion of time passing
will have diminishing affects upon your life.
Then — without the consciousness acknowledging it — years pass, decades pass,
the illusion of the time of your life passes.
In doing so, it poses the question.
Are you closer to the aims of your youth, or are you a copy of a copy,
a tangent of a tangent, a limit of a limitation?
Are you an imitation of your intended path?

If the answer is not . . . “I AM — WHO I AM — THAT IS THAT!”
. . . then the answer resides in your sea of pain.
Conscious of it or not, numb to it or not . . . it is still painful in the long run.

The key to remaining powerful and on point
– the key to living in the answer of; “I AM — WHO I AM”
is a combination of avid flexibility and daily consistency.
Flexibility allows you to take no offense to the constant offense of time.
Consistency allows you to successfully navigate through the constant defensive nature
of space . . . for every one of your actions it gives you an equal reaction.
You must consistently and flexibly check your course against a “master-map” in order
for your life to remain connected with the direction of your core intention.
Otherwise, it is increasingly easy to become that tangent of a tangent and then
a copy of a copy and then the limits of the limitations of your imitations.

The evidence is in; you are either moving forward or backward,
but life is never stagnant . . . change is the only real constant.
There is no standing still in this material creation.
Therefore, one must apply a strong daily directional intent
to remain on point throughout time
. . . otherwise; your direction will be chosen for you – not by you.

When you appear to stand still in doubt, confusion, or fear; you are actually moving
— just not in any direction of your choosing.
You are being shifted onto the tangents that streak throughout timespace
. . . at someone else’s pace . . . toward someone else’s place.
You are living someone else’s dream.
This is the danger-zone infiltrating your “safety” zone of indecision,
doubt, fear, confusion and inaction.

All the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘coulds’ are great indicators
— but time-space requires your active participation.
Accomplishment only takes place when you actively participate with your intentions. Therefore, fully commit to participate in the dreams of your choice

and do so against all the risks confronting you.

Further: learn the living art of the martial arts — become responsive to the defensive offensiveness of this material world without taking offense,
without being offensive or defensive.
Leave no track-backs in the fabric of space and time will not knock you down
in its defection from, or its reaction to your projection.

Make this your daily occurrence
— ‘flexible consistency . . . persistently affirming your goals’.
Experience the living affirmations of being YOU every day.
Do not wish upon time from the sidelines of life,
but commit full participation in the actual — active — construction of your goals.
Retrieve all the dreams that you knew in your youth,
or if you are still young, never leave them
. . . become their guarantee [daily] and you will live them.
This is spiritual growth in the new evolution of human consciousness.

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One thought on “The latest from Guru Singh

  1. Kerstin says:

    LOVE IT! Will keep it to remind me to participate in the dreams of my choice! Thanks!

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