Creative writing in Bhutan

Nice write-up of a new writing anthology published in Bhutan thanks to a class at the Royal Thimphu College.  Journalist Gopil Acharya points out how it’s time that locals, not foreigners, write and capture the essence of the real Bhutan, not just the romantic images of prayer flags.  (I know he can’t be talking about moi. 😉

Too bad we can’t buy this book here!


“Reading ‘November Light’ reveals a vast pool of untamed creative potential among young Bhutanese. As much as the country, as the youngest democracy in the world, is coming to terms with the demands of new polity, the writers in the book seem to be coming to terms with the continuous shaping up of individual identity. They write like young Maggie Tulliver running away from the suffocation of family confines in search of her own sanctuary.

The young budding writers of RTC achieve what their mentor tells them: “The real celebration of writing is the way it might reach out and change ordinary people’s lives, perhaps even survive over time to convey a sense of the shared emotions and the lasting absurdities of the human condition.”

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