His Majesty’s Flawless Lotus

If you ever had a shred of doubt whether the Bhutanese genuinely revere their King, read this blog post about the upcoming royal wedding.


“His Majesty is fearless. And in that fearlessness, we have a King that will always share everything that is dear to him with the rest of us – his proud and humble subjects. A man told me he did not know what it was but that he could not help but feel “very happy” about himself. I think he spoke for all of us. The reason why we could not quite pinpoint what that balm was is very simple: it was partaking in a historic moment wherein His Majesty, in opening his heart to us in the manner that he did, touched all of us in a spot that is so primal and intimate that communication is just a means to an end. And that end is something we all witnessed that blessed day. That love not only triumphs in the end but is a force so powerful that it mends, heals, and repairs anything and everything that is contradictory.

In a time and a place where cynicism thrives and negativity empowers all and sundry, it was a peerless reminder from His Majesty the King that there is so much good in this world, least of which is love, a feeling often revoked but seldom practiced.
And His Majesty has proved that he is love personified. The Dalai Lama always speaks of kindness as his religion whenever he is asked and prodded about religion.

We could say without any hesitation that in a way, the path that His Majesty walks on is simply, in a word, love. And love does make the world go around. “

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