Achieving happiness: view midlife in a positive light

“In his latest book, “Flourish” (2011), the father of positive psychology, Martin Seligman, cites studies that show there are five core features of people who have high levels of well-being. Referred to as PERMA, they are “Positive” emotions, “Engagement,” “Meaning,” “Relationships” and “Achievement.” Individuals who thrive characteristically have high self-esteem, optimism, resilience, vitality, self-determination and overwhelmingly positive relationships.

It’s important to note that recent longitudinal research has revealed it’s primarily the choices we make in life that determines our level of well-being. That means we can learn to be happier, more successful, and profoundly satisfied in our relationships. We can recapture the thrill we once had when we felt we were a rising star at work, rekindle the passion of being in an exciting relationship, and rediscover our hopes and dreams for making a meaningful contribution to the world.

Why do many people languish in midlife? Not just because they made some poor choices that led to some bad outcomes, but because they let those choices define them…”


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