#DH Content Summit

To be honest, I was dreading my commitment to moderate a panel at Digital Hollywood’s Content Summit in Marina del Ray yesterday because there were five panelists and only 45 minutes to discuss the future of enhanced books. (I did like the idea of pretending to be a technology journo again after so long, however; those were the days!)

After it was over I was so glad I agreed to it, because the people were so darned interesting (and respectful of one another, too–a rarity at these conferences.) And I learned a new word: Trans-media. You know what it means.

I’m blogging about it even though this has nothing to do with happiness economics, nor Bhutan; I just find it inspirational to meet people who are doing innovative things that they love, not clocking in:

Photo: Craig Sender of the Copyright Clearance Center

From the left:
Dani Klein created a wonderful brand called Afterbirth: Stories You Won’t Read in a Parenting Magazine, which began as a play and became a book and is now a podcast. A must for any parent on life after kids.
Daniel Tibbets is with GO TV Networks, a digital production studio.
Nina Lassam is with Wattpad.com, the YouTube for e-books where you could while away many hours.
Christopher Kenneally is with the Copyright Clearance Center and does a podcast about these important matters.
And Charles Stack was online bookselling before online bookselling was cool; he bought the domain “Books.com” pre-Amazon and now has a publishing tool at Sideways.com


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