Trip to #Bhutan: $4

If you want to see how the majority of the population in the Kingdom of Bhutan lives, told through the eyes of a little boy in a village, check out this wonderful half hour documentary that you can download online, PRICE OF KNOWLEDGE, or, Yongten Gi Kawa.

It’s about a little boy, the son of subsistence farmers, who walks hours to school each day in Trongsa, a spectacularly magnificent part of the world that any visitor invariably oohs and ahhs over. But where life is very hard.

It’ll cost you $4 to access it, but you’ll be supporting a Bhutanese artist and at the same time traveling to another place that seems like it’s in another time, without leaving your computer.

Words can’t do this captivating film justice, and by the end you’ll probably want to hop the next plane and go give this lovely child socks, shoes, a bunch of food, and a very big hug, for he spends many nights alone while his family tends the land to protect it from pillaging by animals.

The film has won a variety of awards, and awards don’t mean much to me typically as a determining factor, but when you see it you’ll understand why.

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