The glorious Huntington Beach Library…

A sun-lit Neutra building, surrounded by Huntington Beach’s Central Park, replete with coffee bar, gift shop, used book sales and 300-seat theater. Enormous fish-tank outside the kid’s library, and spiral Guggenheim-esque pathway connecting floors, with a gigantic fountain in the center. This is one of the best libraries I’ve ever been in.

Yesterday afternoon the building and the grounds with people of all shapes and sizes, a true community area. IThere are even sound-proof rooms you can rent for $2 an hour, the theory being that to be a community center you have to welcome even those who want to practice their trumpet.

And I’m not even waxing poetic about the equestrian center or sports facilities across the way. I was there for the monthly Friends of Huntington Beach Library lunch; they have authors in while patrons enjoy a meal and listen.

A true model of community. The only downside: there’s no way to live right next to it. You have to drive through an industrial park to get there.

Otherwise I’d be moving down there today.


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