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(((Apologies if you’ve already received another version of this note.)))

Two months to the day after launch, RADIO SHANGRI-LA has made several best-seller lists across the country, and continues to earn praise from reviewers. In the Toronto Globe and Mail just this week, the author Jamie Zeppa* wrote, “Napoli’s wry voice and honest insights create a thoughtful, engaging narrative.” Whee!

Most importantly, readers like you have been writing to share kind words and stories, even photos. The email I’ve been receiving and response at readings is an author’s dream come true. And I’ve been reconnecting with old friends wherever I go, and experiencing the wonder of independent bookstores that are hugely important to our communities. (As well as to first-time writers.)

I need your help to keep the momentum going, especially now that the media coverage is dialing down. Word of mouth is even more critical than ever.

If you’ve read RADIO SHANGRI-LA and like it, please spread the word. (To your book club, for instance, or consider writing an review (people actually do read them.) If you know a non-profit group or bookstore or club in need of a speaker, please consider making a recommendation or sending me their way. (I can provide you references and themes; I’ve spent the past two months on the road yakking and yakking.)

While I’m mostly off the road for now and working on a new project, I’ll be in the DC Metro area in April (27th; One More Page Books in Arlington), at the LA Times Festival of Books (May 1st,) then in NY (May 15th; Idlewild Books in Chelsea), and in Chicago in June (3rd) for the Printer’s Row Festival. Come on out or send your pals. Specifics and other scattered dates are on my website,

Meanwhile, our efforts to raise funds through READGlobal to build a library in Mongar, Bhutan are gaining momentum. Please see for more information.

Thanks so much for your help and support.


Traveler’s Bookcase on Third Street in Los Angeles.


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