Getting older is good, after all

This article from the Toronto Sun says don’t expect happiness, truly, until you’re 70!

“Researchers have found that those 70 years old and older — if they have enough money and a partner by their side — are likely the most content people you know.

The theory goes against common assumptions that the elderly are grumpy curmudgeons who want nothing less than to box the ears of some kid on a skateboard who should stay off the damned lawn because it’s private property, you little punk, by God I won’t tell you again!

Lewis Wolpert, an 81-year-old professor of biology at University College London and author of a tribute to getting older called You’re Looking Very Well, says carefree happiness doesn’t belong to the young.

“Surveys show that mid 40s is when people feel at their lowest,” he tells QMI Agency from his U.K. office.

His advice to those in that age group, who spend their commutes arguing with people on the radio and finding fault with every billboard advertisement they pass?

“You will, with age, slowly get better,” he promises.”


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