Great story about the King of Bhutan

…when he was Crown Prince and encountered a tourist on the path.

This is from reader Craig Peterson of Evanston, IL, who also has some amazing photos up at See below this frame for his story:

My wife and I, together with 14 others, visited the country in 2005. One day our minibus took us to a cascading river site as a jumping off point into hilly farmland and a shrine up a steep hill. One lady couldn’t join us because the farmland mounds were too difficult for her to navigate. After a four hour hike we returned to the river area full of enthusiasm for our little excursion but feeling sorry for our colleague who had to remain behind with the driver. She proceeded to tell us that she, too had fun: an entourage of white toyotas had come down the road, off loaded a large raft, and prepared for a river trip. One person, in Oxford English, asked our colleague many questions about her Bhutanese experiences to date and at the end wished her a good continuing journey. She said goodbye and asked what he did in Bhutan. “I’m the Crown Prince” was the reply. This was one really surprised and happy visitor; and the story seems to me very typical Bhutanese. (He’s the King now, of course)(


One thought on “Great story about the King of Bhutan

  1. I love this story. Fantastic photos too.

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