If you happen to be in El Paso, TX/Xoitchl R, live:

It all began at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in 2008, which was, fortuitously, about Bhutan and Texas….(You know why that’s fortuitous if you read Radio Shangri-La.)
At the festival, Ms. XR (pictured below, although she’s far more beautiful in her original state) was working on behalf of her alma mater, UTEP, which happens to look a lot like the Kingdom (in its own unique way).
There, in our nation’s capital, she collided with the Bhutanese delegation to the festival, and the rest is….divine history, a book I hope she writes some day.
But in the meantime, she’s turned her resulting experiences after a year-plus teaching art in Bhutan into a piece of artwork:


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