Teach in Bhutan

Finally, a place to send all the people who ask me how to go teach in Bhutan. This is from the Bhutan-Canada Foundation; the two countries have a long history together, and the very first teacher to help set up schools was a Canadian Jesuit (who arrived in the country in October 1963, when I was born!); of course there’s also the famous Jamie Zeppa who wrote Beyond the Sky and the Earth.

Here are some of the ground rules from the website:

Who can apply?

• Qualified teachers holding a degre• Aged 22-59

• Native English speakers from Canada, The United States, The United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand

• Priority is given to English, Math and Science teachers

• Adaptable and enthusiastic adventurers who are looking to make a difference!

Can I apply if I am over 60?

The age of retirement for Bhutanese citizens is 55 – 60. This regulation is strictly enforced by the Royal Government of Bhutan, and extends to all foreigners. As a result, The Bhutan Canada Foundation is unable to accept applications from teachers 60 years of age and older.

Do I need to be certified?

All applicants must either be certified, hold a degree in education, or have proof of at least three years relevant teaching experience.


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