The latest issue of fear.less is out; it’s a free online magazine that’s chock full of inspiration about how to combat that awful but common pest, fear.

Here’s what you can read about this month, according to the free, fear.less newsletter:

“In honor of spring we’re bringing you a set of brisk, vibrant stories that will renew your spirit and encourage your potential to bloom.

Brad Ludden is a professional whitewater kayaker, and it’s difficult to look at his
pictures without wanting to go for a run or a swim. Wisdom and insight flow from
his interview because he recalls the exact moments that he conquered his fear
and also topsy-turvies the whole notion of fear by actively seeking it out for the
rush and the reward. He has also made a big splash in the nonprofit world – his
organization First Descents uses extreme outdoor sports as a platform for
enriching the lives, skills and confidence of young adults with cancer.


Jonathan Fields was a hotshot lawyer until he realized his heart – and the rest of his
body – wasn’t in it. After a stress-induced medical emergency, he decided life needed
to be lived on more of his own terms and entered the fitness industry. Calmed by a
job he loves and a healthy dose of yoga, Jonathan now firmly believes that you can
follow your passions and make money – the cover of his book Career Renegade
depicts a stack of cash curled into a heart. That about sums it up, doesn’t it?

Bindu Wiles is a writer, a Buddhist, a yoga teacher, a disciple of dark comedy, and
a warrior. I love her interview and life story because it is on such a different track
from my own but still feels utterly real. She talks openly, blessedly openly, about
the consequences of anger and other extreme emotions and deeply explores
the interiority of fear.”


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