Nepali Bhutanese in Exile/Resources

(photo of region where refugee camps are located in Nepal/Kenan/Duke website)

Fascinating interview with expelled Bhutanese who protested at the Gross National Happiness USA conference in Vermont this summer. It’s rare to hear refugees speak on tape, for they are very shy and worried about retribution. One factual correction: The supposition that the Bhutanese government arranged the gathering is off-base—as far as I know it was Linda and associates from the GNH USA movement up there (less about Bhutan, more about alternative measures of the economy and a focus on wellbeing rather than on unsustainable development) who spearheaded this conference. Thanks for the link, Adrie!

; shows footage from the camps and from inside Bhutan. Just uploaded to YouTube. Shows a reporter who masqueraded as a tourist to get into Bhutan to shoot video, as well as life in the camps, which were just several years old then.

Interesting information on the and read the essay The Arrogant Eye by Ben Elkind, who visited the camps.


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