Bhutanese film

(movie poster for “My Beloved Children”)

A reader from Dubai named Reyaaz (or rather listener, since he got the audio book of RSL) wrote to ask about a particular film he and his wife saw while on vacation in Bhutan a year or so ago. He couldn’t find it on IMDB and wanted to know more. From it, he said, he learned about Bhutanese culture; the very ritual of going to a movie offered insights that can’t be found from a tour guide, as is of course the case anywhere. (My particular favorite is the grocery story, but I see why Reyaaz seeks out the cinema:)

“It was actually a pretty good production,” he writes, “with some big group dance sequences and a tragic heroine – cursed by her beauty and taken advantage of by all the men she encounters. Except for the hero – we liked him – he seemed to be all over the place on TV, a typecast Rambo type character with bulging muscles. And watching without subtitles was not a problem – helped both by the universal language of emotion and the continuous reactions from the audience around us.”

From a photo Reyaaz took of the theater, Pema kindly identified it for him as Lee-Gi-Dra (translation, “enemy of the body.”)

Meanwhile, Reyaaz has since found this site about Bhutanese movies; it even has a movie trailer on it.

Here’s to digital media allowing artists to get their work out–and allowing people from around the world in.


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