Life without money

Ever heard of Daniel Suelo? Apparently, he lives without money. Here’s a bit about how he does it. And here’s a blog he used to keep about being “moneyless.” In it he describes his path, and how it led him to Buddhist beliefs, a trip to India, and to aspire to be a Hindu Sadhu, a person who lives without money. Thank to Pete Gross, a river guide who found me online after hearing an R/S/L interview and being intrigued by the idea of Gross National Happiness, for sending this:


“I gave up every cent to my name in the first year of George W. Bush’s reign, the first year of this millenium.

What made me start living moneyless? Actually, I lived moneyless, without Consciousness of Credit & Debt, when I was born. This way of life is the nature and desire of children. Any child or young person I talk to, not yet too programmed by the Man, thinks it’s cool…..Every time I made a resume for a job, signed my name to a document, opened a bank account, or even bought a banana at the supermarket, I felt a tinge of dishonesty, like I was not letting my yes be yes and my no be no. Yup, you know what I am talking about. Everybody does. I was becoming supersensitive to this basic knowledge. Even the slightest seed of dishonesty was just that–a seed. One seed can populate the mind, the whole earth. One dark eye can darken the whole body, the entire universe!

One year I went to Alaska with my 2 friends, Leslie & Mel, in their van & spent the late spring, summer, and early fall there. At first I worked on the docks. But none of it felt honest. So I quit and decided to go on a solo pack trip and try to live off the land for a few weeks. Lo & behold, I ran into a Basque dude named Ander who was also toying with thoughts of living off the land. So that’s what we did. We speared fish, ate mushrooms & berries, and lived very well. Then we hit the road, hich-hiking, and realized how generous people were, and were astonished at the plethora of magical “coincidences” that kept happening to us. Eventually we split up and I decided to hitch all the way back to Moab, Utah, with $50 in my pocket, just to see if I could. When I arrived in Moab, I had $25 left. Then I realized I had only used money for things I didn’t need, like snacks and a beer. For the first time, I was seriously realizing I could live totally moneyless.”


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